Living to Honor God’s Calling (V)

February 13, 2010

(The entire passage is a chiastic [i.e., mirroring] structure of a sort.  This can be seen by the love the wife is told to submit [A; vv. 22-24] before the husband’s responsibility to love [B] is addressed (vv. 25-32).  However, in v. 33, the husband’s love [B’] is placed first, then the wife’s responsibility to respect her husband [A’].  It would appear from this structure that the husband’s love is at the “heart,” so to speak, of a godly, Spirit-filled marriage.)

“Love and Respect”

Ephesians 5:22-33


The Big Idea– Under the Spirit’s control, a wife’s needs are met by love and a husband’s needs by respect.

The Big Picture

Chs. 1-3- “… The calling with which you have been called”

Chs. 4-6- “Walk worthy of the calling…”

The Immediate Context–           (5:18) “Be filled with the Spirit”

(5:19-21) Four indicators of the Spirit’s control:

(vv. 19b, 20) Vertical: 1) A song in your heart

and 2) thanksgiving to God [Jesus’ 1st Commandment]

(vv. 19a, 21) Horizontal: 3) Spirit-led speech/singing

and 4) mutual submission! [Jesus’ 2nd Commandment]

Key Point- All of the roles in the relationships between 5:22 and 6:9 are intended to be carried out in the mutual submission empowered by the Holy Spirit’s empowering.

A (5:22-24) Wives submit to the Lord’s will by submissively respecting their husbands’ roles as head of the home.

B (5:25-32) Husbands submit to the Lord’s will by loving their wives sacrificially, even as they love themselves.

The Bottom Line (5:33) Loving husbands (B’) and respectful wives (A’) demonstrate the Holy Spirit’s control of a marriage.


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