Short Time, Huge Impact (III)

February 17, 2010

(Here is another installment of my 300-word Saturday column in the ‘New Braunfels (TX) Herald-Zeitung.’  Enjoy!)

This is the third incident in my life that I have shared in which something that dramatically impacted my life happened in a brief span of time.  This one took place when I was 21, about to begin my senior year in college at Mississippi State University.

On the Tuesday of registration week for the fall semester, I was sitting in the University cafeteria about noon with my sister, Becky.  As we ate, she was moaning about something having to do with her then boyfriend.  But, I had tuned out and was listening to a conversation at the table behind me.

As I had sat down to eat, a fraternity brother was sitting down at that table to talk with a man I had never seen before.  For some reason, I was curious about the nature of their conversation.  So, I leaned back to overhear what they were talking about.

Now, I’m not suggesting anyone else do what I did.  It was rude to my sister and an invasion of privacy in regard to the other conversation.  However, my eavesdropping turned out to be utterly life-transforming.

The man I had not met previously was sharing Jesus Christ with my fraternity brother, using Bible verses I had learned in Sunday school and Vacation Bible School to earn candy or quarters from my grandmother.  But, it never occurred to me to apply them.

My fraternity brother believed in Jesus as His Savior and Lord then and there.  However, I was troubled as to why I had never thought of those biblical passages in a personal light.  Still, by Thursday night, I had taken God at His Word when Acts 16:31 says, “Believe in the Lord Jesus and you will be saved.”  In my case, curiosity did not kill the cat—it was the means of my becoming a Christian.


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