Living to Honor God’s Calling (VI)

February 23, 2010

“The Difficulty of Parenting… and Being Parented”

Ephesians 6:1-4


The Big Idea– It’s definitely tough being a teen-ager, but even harder to be the involved parent of a teen-ager.

The Big Picture

Ch. 1-3- “… The calling with which you have been called”

Ch. 4-6- “Walk worthy of the calling…”

The Immediate Context

(5:18) “Be filled with the Spirit”

(5:19-21) Four indicators of the Spirit’s control:

(vv. 19b, 20) Vertical: 1) A song in your heart

and 2) thanksgiving to God [Jesus’ 1st Commandment]

(vv. 19a, 21) Horizontal: 3) Spirit-led speech/singing

and 4) mutual submission! [Jesus’ 2nd Commandment]

(5:22-33) The mutual submission of wife and husband

Key Point- All of the roles in the relationships between 5:22 and 6:9 are intended to be carried out in the mutual submission empowered by the Holy Spirit’s filling.

(6:1-3; see Colossians 3:20) The Lord has made a promise to children who honor their parents through the Spirit’s empowerment.

(6:4; see Colossians 3:21) The Lord expects parents not to anger their children, but, through the Spirit, train and nurture them.

*Beyond the clear relationships in Ephesians 6:1-4, though, we must think about most basic these relationships later in life: How do you relate to your parents when you are no longer living under their roof—or even when they are dead?  And, how do you, as parents, relate to your children when they are grown, and even when they have become parents themselves?

The Bottom Line– Being a good parent is one of life’s most difficult tasks… which is why both parents and children must rely on the Spirit.


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