“Short Time, Huge Impact (VII)”

March 9, 2010

This is the seventh incident from my earlier life that I have shared, to drive home that the significance of an event in a person’s life is in no way proportionate to how much time elapses.  This one took place when I was 35 and pastoring a church in San Antonio.

For two days, I attended a continuing education seminar at T-Bar-M Ranch, near New Braunfels.  The subject was “Creativity in Ministry.”  The speaker was Professor Howard Hendricks, the same highly creative teacher I mentioned in an earlier article.

At the end of the conference, the seminar director asked for a volunteer to take Dr. Hendricks to the San Antonio Airport.  Since I lived just a few minutes from the airport, it was not even out of the way—but I also desperately wanted to talk to “Prof” Hendricks alone!

You see, in the last session of the seminar, we took a survey he called “A ‘C.Q.’ Test.”  That stood for “Creativity Quotient.”  Mine had indicated that I was very creative.

Here was the “rub”: I had never thought of myself as creative.  So, I was highly unsettled by the implication of that survey score and very much desired Dr. Hendricks’ thoughts on the matter.

Near the Airport, I finally worked up the nerve to show him my survey.  I also said to him, “Maybe I just want to be creative so badly that I somehow lied on the survey.”

After he finished skimming through it, and just before he got out of the car, his response was, “Luter, even if you were lying through your teeth, you’re still a very creative guy!”

Wow!  That not only made my day, but greatly enhanced my confidence to pursue writing as an outlet for my creativity.


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