Living to Honor God’s Calling (Conclusion):

March 19, 2010

“Looking Back in order to Move Forward”

Ephesians 6:21-24


The Big Idea– Simply put, Ephesians exists to help you fully understand and effectively live out your salvation in Christ.

Looking Back: The Flow of the Book

(Chs. 1-3) “The calling with which you have been called…”

– (1:1-2) Grace and peace on the front end (bookends)

– (1:3-14) Salvation planned and executed by the Father, Son and Spirit

– (1:15-23) Paul’s first prayer: for the wisdom to know the hope of God’s calling

– (2:1-10) Salvation by grace through faith, not by works, but unto works

– (2:11-22) Breaking down the barrier to salvation for the Gentiles

– (3:1-13) Paul’s role as spokesman for the gospel before Gentiles and angels

– (3:14-21) Paul’s second prayer: for deeper faith and greater love

(Chs. 4-6) “Walk worthy of the calling…”

– (4:1-16) “Walk” worthy of your calling, building up the Body of Christ!

– (4:17-32) Do not “walk” like unsaved Gentiles!

– (5:1-14) “Walk” in love and light!

– (5:15-21) “Walk” in wisdom, being controlled by the Holy Spirit!

– (5:22-6:9) “Walk” through your daily lives as Spirit-filled family members!

– (6:10-20) “Stand” in the spiritual battle by the resources God has given you!

(6:21-22) It’s encouraging to find out how other believers in Christ are handling very difficult situations in life.

(6:23-24) Faith, grace, peace—and especially love—are bestowed by the Lord for your relationships with other believers.

Moving Forward: The “Flow” of Real Life-


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