Short Time, Huge Impact (IX)

April 7, 2010

Back to my series about how quickly big things in life often take place.  This installment occurred in 1998, when I was 49 and teaching at Cedarville University in Ohio.

At that point, there were difficulties between my wife and myself, plus the fact that her mother in Dallas, in her early 80s, was deteriorating rapidly.  It seemed the answer was to move to Dallas, which is where my wife said she wanted to be.  Also, Dallas had a soft spot in my heart, since I was born there.

However, the desired move to Dallas couldn’t be made unless I could get a job there.  So, praying for an opening I wasn’t able to find through job postings or networking began in earnest.

Then, I received a phone call from Bill, a friend I hadn’t spoken to in years, who had tracked me down at Cedarville.  His stunning question to me: “Would you like to be considered for a New Testament opening at Criswell College in Dallas?”

My answer: “Absolutely!”

His next statement: “Send me a copy of your resume at this address as soon as possible and I’ll make sure it gets to the President of the College.”

I did so.  Then, two weeks later, Richard Wells, the President at Criswell, called and asked if I’d be willing to come to Dallas for an interview.  What he didn’t say was that the College was also looking for an Academic Dean.

When I interviewed, I was offered both the New Testament position and the Dean’s job.  I turned down the latter momentarily, but took another related administrative role, so I could “learn the ropes” before diving into the deep water.  The most fulfilling job I’ve ever had came out of a one-minute conversation with Bill!


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