Examples of Faith for Us to Follow (I)

April 12, 2010

“The Importance and Meaning of ‘Faith’”

Hebrews 10:37-11:3


The Big Idea– God’s not a happy camper if you’re not living a life of trusting Him and His promises.

The Background

(10:37-39) Looking ahead to Christ’s certain—though unpredictable—return, you must live by faith in the “nasty now-and-now.”

(11:1) Your faith is able to perceive the future fulfillment of spiritual promises like “as-good-as-done” realities.

(11:2) Your life of faith follows in the tested footsteps of many men and women in biblical history (see Hebrews 11:4-38).

The Bottom Line (11:3) Faith is so basic that you have to trust God about His amazing creation of the universe.


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