Short Time, Huge Impact (X)

April 14, 2010

In the spring of 2006, I was at one of the lowest emotional points of my life.  Three years before, my wife of 27 years had filed for divorce, causing me to lose the job at Criswell College in Dallas, due to a trustee policy prohibiting those teaching Bible or theology (my fields of expertise) to be divorced and/or remarried.  Since then, I had “survived” financially, partly through writing and editing, but that survival had required me to empty all my savings and retirement funds.  I was approaching the end of the rope.

Then, one day, I got an email from a friend whom I had been part of hiring as a professor when I was Academic Dean at Criswell College.  We hired him before he finished his doctoral thesis, then I arranged for his classes to be covered—I taught one myself—so that he could have a study leave to finish writing it at the earliest possible moment.  He had since that time become the President of a seminary.  And, that seminary had established a rapidly-growing online studies program.

Now, my friend knew what had happened with me and that the trustee decision at Criswell had hurt my reputation.  But, he valued me, my ability and my friendship enough to go out on a limb to help me at a very difficult point.

So, what did the email say? “In my role as Chief Executive Officer, I hereby appoint Dr. A. Boyd Luter as Adjunct Online Professor of New Testament and Theology.”  I was not really even given the opportunity to say Yes, only to say No by refusing to accept the appointment—like that was really going to happen! Yet again, the Lord had moved quickly, decisively and graciously in my life!


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