Memorial Day, 2010

May 26, 2010

“For What Will You Be Remembered?”

Matthew 26:6-16


The Big Idea– Even if you never served in combat, you’ll still be remembered for something(s)—what will that be?

The Backdrop

Jesus announces His soon crucifixion (26:1-2)

The Jewish leaders conspire to kill Him (26:3-5)

(26:6-7) Generous acts of giving to the Lord often catch people—even believers—off-guard and strongly surprise them.

(26:8-9) Sadly, there are times when such generous giving to the Lord is shortsightedly viewed as wasteful.

(26:10-11) In such situations, it must be remembered that the First Commandment always comes before the Second Commandment.

(26:12-13) God-centered gifts are always precious memories to the Lord and should be to you.

(26:14-16) By contrast, acts done out of anger or betrayal are also remembered, but as tragic memories.

The Bottom Line– What is the Lord going to remember you for?  What will your family remember you for?  What will other Christians remember you for?


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