June 8, 2010

Let me get this off my chest immediately: I hate waiting! Notice: I did not say I prefer not to wait or that I dislike waiting.  I hate it. As long as I can remember, I have abhorred waiting.

Now, I freely admit I’ve had a bad attitude about waiting.  I’ve purposely avoided arriving at functions—including those for which I am speaking—any earlier than necessary because—you guessed it—I hate to wait.

My attitude has been so bad I honestly wished I could call ahead to a doctor’s office—or any other kind of appointment, for that matter—and find out whether or not the schedule is on time or running behind, so that I can adjust when I show up.  I’ve gotten fidgety and frustrated when I’m on time and somebody else isn’t.  My thought process is usually something horrible like “Why do you expect me to be on time when you’re not?  Why do you think your time is more valuable than mine?”

Imagine my shock—not to mention deep conviction and shame—when I recently was forced to realize how important an aspect of the Christian life it is to “wait on the Lord.”  How utterly humbling it is to an impatient person like me to realize what a crucial spiritual virtue patience is!

While I know part of my difficulty is that I have A.D.D., that tendency to get bored/distracted is a completely insufficient excuse for my impatience.  If anything, I’ve bought way too much into the “instant-this, instant-that” mentality of our culture.

What must happen with people like me is to grasp the fact that God is in the business of growing His children to spiritual maturity and Christ-likeness.  Sadly, that takes time because most believers are, like me, “slow learners.”


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