“Waiting, Working and Watching”

July 12, 2010

As a young Christian, a radio program I listened to consistently was Radio Bible Class (which is still on the air, by the way).  I liked a lot of things about the broadcast, but was particularly drawn to their catchphrase: “Keep on Waiting, Working and Watching.”

If you wonder what this wording is intended to mean, let me explain it to you.  It’s to be understood as the balanced approach to living as a Christian between now and whenever Christ comes again.  “Waiting” means patiently waiting for Christ’s return, while “watching” speaks of being aware that he could come soon.  “Working” means that, even if Christians believe they have good reason to think that Christ’s coming is imminent, they don’t have the right to live irresponsibly until it actually happens.

It’s very sad how often well-intentioned believers in Jesus Christ get completely out of whack in regard to this balance.  It happens so frequently that I have concluded that it’s apparently much easier for a person to either not think at all about Christ’s coming back or to get so totally caught up in “Rapture” or Second Coming hysteria as to get to the point where they are overlooking a lot of responsibilities in the rest of life, sometimes badly damaging their hard-won reputations and testimonies in the process.  But, why should that surprise us?  After all, many people tend to come down at one extreme or another on most issues.

But, it is possible to live, so to speak, with one eye focused on this life and its legitimate priorities, while at the same time keeping the other eye on the sky, in case Jesus does come.  Just “keep on waiting, working and watching.”  Thank you, Radio Bible Class for that beautifully balanced reminder!


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