Examples of Faith for Us to Follow (XI)

July 15, 2010

“Faith for the Hesitant, the Impetuous and the Out-of-Control”

Hebrews 11:32-34


The Big Idea– Your faith can triumph against overwhelming odds even when you have huge weaknesses or character flaws.

The Big Picture– In the Book of Judges, unbelief was always the heart of the problem and specific judges’ faith the heart of the solution.

In the order we find them in the Book of Judges:

(Judges 4-5) Barak: Faith can transform a very hesitant person into a great warrior.

(Judges 6-8) Gideon: Faith can transform a complete coward into a great leader.

(Judges 11) Jephthah: Faith can make a leader effective, even if he/she is rashly impetuous.

(Judges 13-16) Samson: Faith can change a person from being totally self-centered to God-centered.

The Bottom Line– In faith, is there any weakness, flaw or habit that the Lord cannot  overcome in your life to His glory?


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