Examples of Faith for Us to Follow (XII)

July 28, 2010

“The Faith of David, Samuel and the Prophets”

Hebrews 11:32b-34


The Big Idea– Acts of true faith are as memorable to the Lord as the person who does them.

The Big Picture– The characters and acts of faith in this passage cover a period of over 500 years (from about 1060 B.C. to about 538 B.C.).

(11:32b) True faith motivate leaders who are walking with the Lord.

(11:33a) True faith participates in victories in the military, political and spiritual realms.

(11:33b-34a) True faith can see you through great personal danger.

(11:34b) True faith can make a spiritual weakling miraculously strong.

The Bottom Line– Frequently, when the Lord has something important to accomplish, He chooses ordinary—or unusual—people to accomplish His extraordinary plan!


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