“Why Are You Waiting?”

August 2, 2010

It may seem an obvious question.  But, I fear many of us don’t think about it carefully enough.  Why are you waiting?  Put another way, what do you hope to accomplish by your waiting?

Before you think I’m insulting your intelligence—or even pulling your leg—just stop for a moment and think about that question: “Why are you waiting?”  You may be surprised at what comes out of that brief exercise.

Most likely, if you do what I’ve suggested, your initial response will be something like, “I’m waiting because it’s the only way to get what I want.  I can’t make it happen right now.  So, if I still want it, I have no choice except to wait.”

I agree that is the most natural, off-the-top-of-your-head answer as to why most people wait for most things.  But, as soon as that perspective pops into your brain, does it not also tug you in the direction of asking “Is it really worth the wait?”

Now, that’s a much tougher question to answer… or, at least, to answer well. Yet, it definitely should be answered.

Why should it be answered?” you ask.

To get to the heart of the issue, the question “Is it really worth the wait?” takes you beyond the angle of raw desire, which is like being a little kid who throws a tantrum for no better reason than he or she wants what they want!

You see, “Is it really worth the wait?” is a question having to do with values, with whether something we want is good for us and deserving of our limited finances, time availability and other resources.  That single question can turn a potentially disastrous all-consuming craving into a well-thought-out “No,” saving untold future grief in our lives.


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