Visiting the Holy Land: The Security Situation in Israel

July 7, 2011

 Before beginning the description of our trip to theHoly Land, I’m sure that many of you are wondering what the security is like there.  That is especially true since a bomb blew up on a public transportation bus inJerusalemless than two weeks ago, only shortly after we leftIsrael.

Actually, with the exception of one incident—which I will explain below—things were amazingly peaceful inIsraelwhile we were there, March 4-12.  I think it’s fair to say that I felt almost as safe there as here in the U.S., and much safer than I would about going to the border cities of Mexico—or most of the interior, our next-door neighbor (and very close by, here in South Texas).

We rarely even noticed police (either cars or on foot) and only saw soldiers twice that I recall: once when we were at the Lebanese border, near Mount Hermon, and once adjacent to the lower part of the “City of David,” strategically located between the area of historic excavations and the Arab community of Silwan, which is Arabic for “Siloam.” (At the time, we were looking at the recently excavated Pool of Siloam [see John 9:7, 11]).

That second incident was the only time I was fearful the whole week we were inIsrael.  The sound of smoke bombs being fired into a house where rock-throwing teenagers had fled got our attention.  However, our guide quickly made a cell phone call and, within minutes, a van arrived to whisk us away from the potential danger.  Later, the guide said the Arab youth were probably trying to start an incident that could escalate into the kind of things that happened inEgypt and other parts of the Middle East.


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