What’s been going on…

July 7, 2011


My wife and I went to Israel in March and had a great time!  It was her first trip there and my third–but first since 1998.

While on that trip, I had email correspondence that led to the possibility of me writing an exegetical commentary for a major new series.  In the time since, I have spent quite a bit of the time I could carve out doing a roughly 30-page segment to “audition,” so to speak, for that assignment.  (That is why I have been “absent” without explanation from blogging.) 

Recently, I found out that I have been given the assignment and just received the contract.  As it has worked out, this project is going to be quite a push!  My completed manuscript is due next July.  So, I ask your prayers as I continue to pursue my research and writing.

At this point, I still have not made up my mind as to whether/how much of that research I will post on this blog.  I probably will at least post the related ETS papers I will be doing, but need to think and pray about the actual manuscript material.

In the meantime, I am going to post of series of short newspaper articles I have written about Israel, related to our trip (which, by the way, are still in process).  I hope you enjoy them!


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